Aspiring Enliven Care Centre


The Aspiring Enliven Care Centre (AECC) opened in October 2016 – and is the newest residential aged care facility in the Queenstown Lakes District. Our on site care centre provides rest home, hospital and dementia care – with priority access for Aspiring Village residents. The Aspiring Lifestyle Retirement Village is a joint venture partner in this development with Presbyterian Support Otago (PSO).

With the entry off Cardrona Valley Road, the Centre is located right opposite the Wanaka Lakes Health Centre – with easy access from the Village. The AECC offer the following options:

  • 32 rest home/hospital rooms
  • A specialist 20 room dementia wing
  • 2 suites and adjoining lounge dedicated to palliative care for people of all ages

To discuss room availability or request a tour, contact the facility manager on 03 555 3010 or visit the Presbyterian Support Otago website to find out more about this service.

For employment enquiries please view opportunities here.

The Aspiring Enliven Care Centre has been built to feel residential and homely, and managed on an ongoing basis by PSO – who have a strong reputation for care and support, seen locally at Elmslie House and throughout the rest of Otago.

While you may not need this type of care at the moment, it is important to think ahead to what your future needs may be. We know from speaking to the DHB and studying demographics, that there is a shortage of good quality rest home, hospital and dementia beds in this area – and as the population continues to age, accessing residential aged care in the region will become more difficult.

We guarantee that residents of the Aspiring Village will receive priority access to our Care Centre, providing that there is a bed available and you meet the assessment criteria for residential aged care.

If there is a shortage of beds in the wider area, if you live in the Village you can guarantee you will get the first bed that becomes available in the Aspiring Enliven Care Centre, if you meet the assessment criteria.

“We know for many of our existing residents, this gives them great peace of mind.” – James Reid, Village Manager

My wife Elizabeth passed away after a tough battle with cancer, and had various stays in Dunstan Hospital, Dunedin Hospital and the Hospice in Dunedin – together with long periods of time here in our home at the Aspiring Village where we supported her with help from home help services in the community. There was a lot of time on the road spent travelling to and from Dunstan for daily visits, and lengthy stays for both of us in Dunedin. Having a Care Centre right here on the spot will make a big difference to others going through similar experiences. And for all of us as residents, there is a real comfort in knowing that when we reach the stage in our lives where we need additional help and support, we will be able to get it – and still be among the people and surroundings we know. To live knowing that you will not have to make another move in the remaining years of your life is a very positive feeling.– Graeme Walker